MULTIVERSE Ghana at INSCIENCE film festival

CauldronsI am very pleased to announce that MULTIVERSE Ghana will be screened at INSCIENCE film festival in Nijmegen, NL!

It is a festival purely dedicated to science films,

which obviously is really cool.

So, finally another opportunity to watch the film:

Both on 7 November (at about 11am) and 8 November (at about 18:45) at LUX.

Tickets will be available from 14 October onwards.

Make sure you don’t miss out!


Who’d Have Thought…

Multiverse premiereWow!

Last night was the night MULTIVERSE Ghana premiered. For real!

And it wasn’t just a screening, we also had an interesting conversation afterwards in which Professor Allotey himself took part, no less.

Multiverse Ghana premiere

It was wonderful to see so many people interested in Ghanaian scientists. We had a full house. It is really one step closer to the realisation of the series and to showing people a different side of Africa!

I had to think back to when it all started. I did not know yet I would be able to post a message like this on the blog!

I’m very grateful to ZAM magazine for organising the event, to de Balie for giving it a stage, and also to NWO-WOTRO and ZAM magazine for hosting Professor Allotey for this special evening.

So, this is not nearly all, MULTIVERSE will continue…

More screenings of the Ghana film will follow. Keep an eye on the blog, website or like the film on facebook to stay updated!

On the Air!

MULTIVERSE Ghana - air

Last Tuesday evening I was interviewed about MULTIVERSE Ghana on Radio 1 at VPRO’s Bureau Buitenland.

They published a very nice article here and if you’d like to listen to the interview, you can find it here.

Do need to note that it is all in Dutch!

World Premiere MULTIVERSE Ghana: It is happening!

MULTIVERSE Ghana premiere

Madam Khadjia Tahiru, shea butter expert, stars in the film.

The first of hopefully many screenings, will take place in Amsterdam on the 24th of June 2015 at 8pm!

De Balie and ZAM magazine partnered up to host MULTIVERSE Ghana.

But that’s not all, Professor Allotey will come to Amsterdam for the event!

After the screening Bahram Sadeghi will facilitate a talk with me and the professor about the film and the meaning of science, focussing on culture and creativity.

If you want to immerse yourself in the colourful warm Ghanaian culture for a bit,
if you want to look at science from a different perspective
ánd/or look at Africa from a different perspective, do come along!

 Tickets are EUR 10 (discounts apply, cineville is valid) you can book them here at de Balie website.

Hope to see you there!