Hi there!

My name is Juul and I am making a film about science in sub-Saharan Africa. There are important things to say and show about this. With a big dosis of curiousity, a plane ticket and my camera in my pocket I started my journey in Ghana. Like with all good journeys I didn’t know exactly where it would lead me, but you can jump on board and follow me on my way.

Why on earth would a Dutch girl, living in London think about a subject like science in Africa? Well, to be honest it is one of those things that just collide in your mind and then precipitate into an idea. I studied Chemistry before I went on to make documentary films and the combination of subjects “science” and “creativity” has been occupying my mind for quite some time now. Africa is appealing to me. There has been so much media attention concerning how ‘we’ the West should help Africa, that I kind of tend to think exactly the opposite.
My hypothesis: If you live in a place where you are lacking specific resources, you would have to be extra creative and innovative to do whatever it is you want to do. A superabundance of stuff is not necessarily beneficiary in a problem-solving environment.
Especially not when you really have to come up with economically viable and practical solutions.

So perhaps, Europe, we should learn something from Africa!


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